Friday, June 17, 2016

Improving Running Technique

Practicing law in Maryland, J. Christopher “Chris” Llinas handles cases related to construction litigation and family law. Away from his career, Chris Llinas participates in long-distance races and has completed 15 marathons.

When preparing for a marathon, focus on improving running technique to finish the race the way you intend. Speed, for instance, takes stride length and frequency into account. You must find a middle ground between short strides that cover less distance and inefficiently use energy and over-reaching strides that expend more energy, thus making you fatigue faster.

Ideally, a good stride will have you striking the ground with your foot 180 times per minute, according to elite runner Marilyn Arsenault. She goes on to say in an article published by that taking notice of how long your foot stays on the ground will help increase cadence. A foot that stays on the ground longer needs additional force to move it forward.

A good method for developing a perfect stride is to run at 70 percent of your fastest speed. Keeping your arms at a 90-degree angle, swing them back and forth, reaching for different lengths. Evaluate the differences between your strides, based on arm movement, and from there, choose a comfortable stride for training.

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